Hanshik – Korean Food – is becoming more popular and it’s no surprise, given that its pop music and tv show equivalent crept upon the west insidiously in the early 2000s.

After hit Tv dramas like Boys Over Flowers which revolved around the lives of 4 young conglomerate heirs and the daughter of a dry cleaner, and Winter Sonata which is renown for causing the surge in North Korean defectors, the South Korean ministry of Entertainment thought it would be a great idea to sponsor and export Kculture. Read more

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Don’t let fear keep you from pursuing any opportunity, Rachel says.  “I found the application online and applied on the whim without expecting any results. Little did I know, that small decision to send in an application would change my life. When I received a call for an interview and later an offer for the position, I was in shock to say the least. The White House internship program is competitive but not impossible. I would encourage anyone who’s interested to apply.” Read more


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For your weekly dose of inspiration, I’m talking to Lucas Bernard (lead) and his band mates, Sam Artigau and Arthur Marechal (drums), about their music and craft; starting out as young boys from southern France and earning a growing fan base. Jela’s music is garnering lots of attention from all over Europe even despite the shroud of mystery in their aura and their craft.

“JELA is the initial of the first members of the band Jason, Elric, Lucas, and Arthur,” Lucas says, “However it has a second meaning as it’s also the initials of a French saying that is “Jambes En L’Air” (“Legs in the Air”). Understand it the way you want but we like to think it stands for something more spiritual than it seems; the harmony of juxtaposition, merging what’s above with what’s below, sky walking maybe. It all starts with ‘legs in the air’! We’re the ploughmen of the sky,” Read more









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