An Eye for a Lens

When I started blogging I knew I was going to meet some interesting people. I didn’t know how I would meet them: if they would come to me or if I had to scour the Earth for them. It did take me a minute however, to see that everyone is interesting once you ask them the right questions. In his nondescript leather jacket and rusty sneakers, he tries on a daily basis to blend with the sea of faces but I fished him out. Like everyone who can at least appreciate a good picture, I was curious to find out the story behind it. Not the picture – no, but the passion that watched a simple thing and translated it into a grand event: ‘Ladies and Gentlemen, I give you Enrico Ferri Grazzi!’

What is one moment you wish you captured but you were unable to?


Well, I would say… when I missed a bear cub climbing a tree. Though I think I have a fair excuse: its mother was walking towards it and when I saw her through the lens I just ran with everything I had, leaving my camera and my bag on the tripod in the woods. I had to go on a search mission a few hours later to find it. After I stopped shaking, that was.

Do you take your camera with you wherever you go?

No, I don’t. I used to but I guess I got busy during the past year and lost some contact with my camera but my eye for photography isn’t gone. The concept of the ‘Photographer’s eye’ is not something that pertains solely to photography. It pertains to people too. It’s the ability to see, better yet, the will to see what’s around you. It’s for dreamers – I know that sounds cheesy, but it really is. Those people who like to stop for a second, raise their heads and go ‘wow’, while everyone else is walking too fast to be bothered. Every moment and every circumstance has a thing of beauty to it. That’s why I always took my camera with me: to capture the beauty of an ordinary moment. I wanted to show the final results. To show people that if they look close enough, if they observe and not just see, they can notice what I see. Most people don’t take time to think about what they’re looking at or what surrounds them. My goal in photography as well as in life, is not to ‘take nice pictures’ or balance colours the perfect way, but to showcase the uniqueness of every frame of nature, society and the world to the people that are too busy with their jobs, their studies, their families and their lives in general.

Libellula3Would you make photography your career someday?Barnaba

I really don’t think so. I don’t want it to become something I have to do, something my life depends on. Photography is pleasure. It makes me happy. I don’t want it to make me stressed or frustrated someday. It’s my passion, not my job. I think photography is capturing an instant that is beautiful, not trying to make a moment or a thing look nice. It needs to be real, not something you do because you have to.

Photography is
“Photography is merely a reflection of the real magnificence intertwined in the sheer realism of the second that passed as though it never existed”
What’s your favourite part about taking a picture?
I wouldn’t know. Taking a picture the way I do doesn’t really have stages or parts. It’s just a moment – snap. It’s capturing the moment before it dissolves in time. Photography is eternal but I must say that it is a mere reflection of the real magnificence intertwined in the sheer realism of the second that passed as though it never existed.
What’s your take on Selfies?
I think selfies promote self-appreciation and self-love and… Who am I kidding? I despise all those duck faced wannabe twats who just take pictures of themselves making random faces in the bathroom with an expensive camera which their parents just paid a shit load of money for and think they’re ‘it’ just for taking a monochrome or sepia picture of a dead leaf on the ground with no respect for the holy diaphragm. I’m sorry if I’m not being politically correct but ask anyone else who loves actual photography and you’re gonna get the same exact answer. Just kidding. I take selfies in the toilet too to boost my self-confidence.

What photography tools would you recommend for amateurs like myself?

Random little boy
Random little boy
Well, nowadays you can actually take a picture with anything and it’ll look great. It really depends on what kind of amateurs we’re talking about. If it’s old-fashioned photography I would recommend an entry-level camera, whichever one you prefer. There are loads of reviews on the net to help you with your choice and at some point you’ll just have to make up your mind. Objectively speaking, I would recommend a wide angled lens and a zoom to begin with. Try to find luminous lenses as it’s very useful in many situations. Don’t get an all in one lens because as you improve the picture quality, you need to buy different focal lenses. I would also recomment two other lenses: a super-wide andgle lens and a 50mm luminous lens or ‘battle lens’ as I call it. You put it on, get out on the streets and use it for everything. Oh, and if you wanna learn to use a camera the right way, just pick up  your grandpa’s old one and fool around a bit. You’ll see the results when people ask you for the details of your photos and you know what you’re talking about.
If you could go to any country on a photo spree where would that be? 
I don’t think there’s any such thing as a photo spree. Saying ‘I would rather go there than there’ is not fair because you can find beauty anywhere in the world and I want to see it all. You can tell from my travel habits. I have been anywhere I had the chance to be and I will keep doing that for as long as I can. It is true, though, that under certain circumstances I would pick some place over another but now but now is not the time to decide because things can change at any moment. To wrap up, since I can’t choose right now, I would say… the whole world!

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