Precious Touch by Precious

“To be honest, people made me decide”

When I first started following Precious Touch on social media I was drawn to the handiwork which somehow managed to emulate the current trends while maintaining a certain originality.

I was honoured to speak with her about her team of stylists, her growing client list and her amazing ability to juggle Law and Business at Hertfordshire with her start-up.

First off, I just want to say that I admire how far you’ve come. It’s easy to have an idea about your future or to fantasize but it takes real drive to turn those dreams into something tangible. Something you can touch. Into Precious Touch. 

What made you realise that Precious Touch was ready to be more than just a fancy idea?

“I told a friend of mine who’s also a graphic designer”

To be honest yeah… people. Honestly, people made me decide. I’d been doing hair before uni. It started in college quite randomly. Let me go deep: I wanted to do the front of my hair because it was messy. You know those times when you just want to do the front of your hair?… But there was no one to help me so I had to do it myself and then a friend of mine needed the same service soon after and I was like; ‘Let me help you out, I did mine!’ So she let me. It was my first time so I made sure it was perfect. It came out so nice, people started to ask who did her hair, how they did it… so I started styling hair. People kept encouraging me to make a page, post pictures on Instagram, my brother kept telling me to turn it into something bigger but I just couldn’t be bothered. I was in college so I’d only begun to see the business opportunity in what I was doing.  Once, in church, I felt God just lay it in my heart heavy to start something up. I could see the logo in my head. The pink, white and black and the name. I felt like people were going to laugh because of the name… but I knew what I had to do.

How did you make everything come to life?

I told a friend of mine who’s a graphic designer. He was super excited about it. He designed the logo, business cards, t-shirts, he even opened an Instagram account for me. We planned a price list and booked photo shoots. I also picked up so many ideas from Youtube and other platforms.

And how far have you come since then? 

Precious Touch Make-Up
Precious Touch Make-Up

Very far. When I started I was doing my own hair and now I’ve got clients. I never knew how to do weaves or dreads… In fact, one time a client of mine wanted to get a weave and it was my first time but I didn’t tell her. The result was amazing though! Now I have a logo – that’s a big deal you know? I’ve got business cards too. I’m still in my humble beginnings but sometimes people see me outside and they’re like ‘Oh, are you the Precious Touch girl?’ I don’t only cater to clients now, I also get booked to beautify models for photoshoots and stuff.

What’s the hardest part of being your own boss?

Motivation. It gets really hard because you’re doing a lot by yourself. I do have a team but it’s difficult to juggle uni and everything else so sometimes you find yourself lacking motivation because you’re doing a lot on your own.

Tell me about the haters.

I haven’t had open haters actually. However I do feel bad when I tell my friends to like my Facebook page and they don’t even though I supported their activity in the past, or when I post a pic and no one likes it. I’m like ‘Hello, guys, what’s going on?’ Other than that people have been nothing but encouraging. No one has told me I’m too young or anything like that.

Would you say you’re ambitious? 

“Yes, I am ambitious”

Yes, I am ambitious. I’m looking forward to opening my beauty salon. I believe anything is possible if I keep on doing what I’m doing. I want to offer the complete package: not just hairdressing, make-up too and aesthetics in general. Some people would think that’s dreaming too big, but nothing is impossible.

If you could start over, what business mistake would you never repeat?

Prioritising. I was putting my business before my uni work. If I could do it all over I wouldn’t do that. I’d find a better way to balance everything.

What ingredient would you say a young person needs in order to start-up? 

“There are so many people that have already made it”

Confidence. You have to be confident so you can be comfortable starting all by yourself. There’s a lot of isolation that comes with starting a business. When I started, no one was actively following me on social media. I remember how hard it was to get to a 100 followers on Instagram. I wanted to give up because I felt no one wanted to book an appointment. You have to be confident so you can push yourself up there because there are so many people that have already made it. There are so many big shots with their own salons and social media fan base and all that.

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