The Youtube Vlogger to Watch Out For

She may not have a hundred tutorial videos or life vlogs (yet), but Toni Adenle, better known to Youtube as Toni Tone prepares her videos with passion to deliver enjoyable content to her subscribers and the rest of the world. Her videos are based mostly on hair reviews, make-up advice and life in general. On more than one occasion she has featured family and friends to participate in the ubiquitous TMI tags.

Toni Tone
Toni Tone

“I started making videos four years ago whilst in university,” she says, “However, I didn’t take it seriously as I should have, partially because I was distracted by college life and because I did not have the right equipment – if I can’t go all out with something I’m doing, I’m likely to not do it at all.” But with over 15,000 followers on Instagram to form a sturdy fan base she shouldn’t have much to apologize for.

Here’s my interview with the beautiful and down-to-earth Toni Tone

This month while exploring opportunities for promoting creativity via the social media, I’ve discovered that many people using social media are doing so for the sole purpose of turning their passions into something tangible. Have you always wanted to make videos? How does this differ from your current career plan? 

“I always enjoyed learning – particularly history, physical education and art but I studied Communications and Media, and now I’m a Communications and Engagement Officer for a major health organisation. I’m obsessed with social media and I love engaging people from around the world so I made a conscious decision to re-start my page in 2015. I wouldn’t say making videos is a career aspiration though. For now it’s a fun hobby, but I’m excited to discover where this hobby might take me.

Your family seems very supportive of you. Would you have done it if they weren’t? 

Toni and Tara - featured in the 'Sister Tag'
Toni and Tara – featured in the ‘Sister Tag’

My family are the best! I’m quite lucky in that my parents are reasonably ‘down with the kids’ and like the idea of expressing oneself online (my Mum even has a blog). If they expressed a dislike towards me recording videos, the first thing I would try to do is understand why. My parents are quite reasonable and if they don’t approve of something, they generally always back it up with a reason. I hate to say it but more often than not, they’re right too! Haha

People say women who wear make-up are superficial airheads. How would you fight this and other stereotypes.

I think superficiality is a term that corresponds to human values. Particularly, valuing possessions, appearances and money over family, life, health and love. Many of the women I know, who use/wear a lot of makeup, are incredibly creative and makeup is a fun way for them to express their creativity. Many makeup lovers also work in the field and have created successful careers from their art. Business acumen isn’t generally attributed to airheads. They are also incredibly caring, sentimental and family focussed women too.
Lastly; to judge a person’s level of intelligence or core values on the basis of how they look and not their actions, seems like a very ‘airhead’ thing to do in itself.
Toni and fellow youtuber at Power Bruch LA
Toni and fellow youtuber at Power Bruch LA

The internet is often referred to as a ‘wicked place’. Do you get a lot of negativity?

Not at all! Or at least, not that I know of! Haha. Most of the interaction I receive online is very positive, and I’m grateful for that.

People tend to look at Youtube stars and wish they could be like them. So many people are overcome by depression because they feel they’re not as fortunate as the people they follow on Instagram. What would you like young people to know on this subject?

I think one of the most important things to remember is that everyone is different and it’s important that we begin to embrace our differences. In life, it’s easy to feel down if you’re constantly trying to adhere to how society says you should look and behave. There will always be someone prettier, richer, fitter, more intelligent….BUT there will never be another you. Tapping into what makes you you and remaining genuine is the key to loving yourself and loving yourself will cause other people to embrace you even more!

What advice would you give people who want to push their creativity to the next level through social media?I’d advise them to remain consistent. It’s easy to want to give up if you feel like you’re not seeing a certain level of engagement or gaining a certain reward from your trade, but success takes time.

What other hobbies do you have besides Youtube?

'I love travelling'
‘I love travelling’

I love travelling and try to travel at least twice a year. My other hobbies include going to the gym and trying different culinary cuisines.

Describe yourself in one word. Why?

Well-rounded: I’d like to think I wasn’t too strict or too soft, too boring or too exciting, too rational or too creative. I think I’m right in the middle of a lot of things.

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