The Louis Vuitton Exhibition

Rome’s Palazzo Ruspoli played host to the LVSeries 2 that took place from the 22nd of May to the 7th of June. The exhibition was a modern reinterpretation of the exclusive fashion show that attracted fashionistas and all those who are keen on design. It was laid out like a journey into Nicolas Ghesquiere’s mind, representing his approach to style at Luois Vuitton.

Having watched Ghesquiere’s work since when he was the leader of the prestigious fashion house, Balenciaga, how could I make an excuse not to attend? So, like every trend lover, I went ensemble hunting. Everything was on the edge of perfect until the morning of the event when my hormones decided to curse me with two pimples. One on my cheek and another above my brow for company. Oh, get over it, I’m not completely flawless.

As if that wasn’t enough rain on my parade, the gods of fate decided to make me fall and break my shoe heel, compelling me to go back home and settle for a pair of combat boots. Yep, you’ll have to get over that too.

A journey through the designer's mind
A journey through the designer’s mind

I had a MAC powder and a Couvrance Avene bronzer over a primer, a bold red lip which I achieved using three different shades of red in an attempt to match the hue of my dress, a black vinyl clutch and my black just above the ankle combats. It was hot as chili peppers, I was running fifteen minutes late when I remembered I forgot to print the tickets… Was it worth all the trouble in the end? Yes. It was a thirty minute long exhibition, which in my opinion is just right because you’re not left unsatisfied or bored. Plus it was so dark no one could see my feet!

So because some of you couldn’t make it let’s take a leisurely stroll through corridors of the universe of time and fashion.


Colour Co-ord with the reflection of lights displaying the Louis Vuitton logo
Colour Co-ord with the reflection of lights displaying the Louis Vuitton logo

In 1854 the Luois Vuitton logo was a stamp used by the founder of the fashion house when he went into business as a trunk maker. In 1908 his grandson patented the logo which appeared on many trunks and suitcases. Nicolas Ghesquiere was drawn to this logo when he joined Louis Vuitton in 2013. The L and V in a cirle reflected in panels of light represents how this 160 year old logo can still be here and travel even further into the future, showing Nicolas’ ability to take something ancient and give it new life.


Here’s a replay of the entrance scene from the LV Spring-Summer runway presentation that took place on the first of October last year in the Fondation Louis Vuitton.

They are saying, “A beginning is a very delicate time. Day zero in the heart of the project, code named GEHRY-014. The audience is asked to sit in a place that doesn’t exist for now. A ship surrounded by a gigantic woodland, a ship made up of three thousand and six hundred glass panels and fifteen thousand tons of steel, a ship that serves as an incubator and ignites our fellow creative minds. An undisclosed location at this time. Oh yes, I forgot to tell you, today, October 1st, the LV House wants to explore the ability to travel to any part of the universe without moving. The journey starts here, in this place soon named FONDATION LOUIS VUITTON…”


Engrossingly disturbing isn’t it?


In this area, Louis Vuitton is a trunk. An ode to the founder who created the most intricate pieces. A meaningful symbol of the journey from the past to the present. The trunk slowly opens to reveal a bright red light, representing the unfolding of history. A collection of stories gathered and stored over time.

The magic trunk
The magic trunk


Immerse yourself in the runway presentation of Louis Vuitton’s spring-summer collection. Repeatedly.


This was my favourite part of the exhibition. It involved the recap of the runway presentation. 48 models, 25 make-up artists led by Pat McGrath, 25 hairdressers under Paul Hanlon, 40 studio staff, 40 dressers, 1 Nicolas Ghesquiere and Jean Campbell opening the show in a vinyl crochet dress.

Backstage... photographs of the models 48 models that participated in the runway presentation.
Backstage… photographs of the models 48 models that participated in the runway presentation.

Here you get to relive the drama behind the actual shows. The backstage craziness, the hysteria is a main characteristic of having too many creative people in one place, the rush…



Here you witness the craftmanship in real time and you understand the intricacies of crafting a single iconic shoe.


“I have always loved creating accessories. For me, they are always connected to the collection, they hold an integral place in the creation of an ensemble, either juxtaposing or complimenting the outfit. They take on the same intentions and have the same aim.” Nicolas Ghesquiere.

Louis Vuitton Accessories Gallery
Louis Vuitton Accessories Gallery


The photographs here are taken by Annie Leibovitz, Juergen Teller and Bruce Weber three artists  whose interpretation of Nicolas’ collection illustrates international vision of fashion. Here the posters cover the walls, the ceiling… it’s like in being in a scrapbook. Here there are also stories by Patrick Demarchelier and Juergen Teller and poster scrolls were handed out to each guest.

Louis Vuitton Poster Room
Louis Vuitton Poster Room


A true graphic story of thirteen stickers each with its own pop-culture theme. And I got to take some home for my fridge.



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