Four Unconventional Ways to Make Some Extra Cash

There are so many outlets for making money if only you are willing to put in the effort and determination. Don’t worry I won’t waste your time talking about making a Youtube channel or writing reviews or worse, online trading, but there are a few ways you probably haven’t thought about. And for the most part a lot of your work would be done within the comfort of your home. Disclaimer: I’m not saying online trading is bad. I am saying many of its major promoters have shoved it down our throats in an attempt to make it popular amongst users of the internet. It’s hard to tell who is authentic from the ‘Let me show you how to make a million dollars’ virus-infested posts.

Have you thought about other ways you can make a buck or two? Here’s a small list of things you can do that may even lead to steady income streams in the near future.

airbnb-a8707ed9_originalIf you have the space, a spare bedroom in a rented apartment, multiple bedrooms in your house, become a Airbnb Host. All you’ll need is a clean house, a couple of pictures of the room to list, some toiletries and you’re good to go. With Airbnb you get to set your own price per night and you can choose who gets to rent your room. You can also offer more services if you’re prepared to dive into the venture. You can add breakfast, pick-up and cleaning at an extra fee. If you’re worried about people stealing your things or disrupting your house, Airbnb hosts have a one million dollars guarantee programme so don’t fret too much. If you’re a tenant and you’re not sure about this method you can try talking to your landlord/lady about this. The worst that could happen is that they refuse to sublet. Offer them a cut of what you make if they’re hesitant or try to reach other agreements such as how many days a person may stay in the apartment. This is something I’ve done before. You’d be surprised how many people prefer home/room rentals to hotels.

create-your-own-ebay-store-580-90 Etail. Another thing I’ve tried in the past was selling on eBay. A lot of people are sceptical about this but it really wasn’t a hassle for me. If you can get a couple of people to give you items they would like to sell, in addition to your items, you can make money from sales and you can get a percentage of whatever you sold for them too. It’s cheaper if you have more items in a category but tbh, it’s almost free. Once someone I knew invested in a good shirt printer and some t-shirts he got on Alibaba and he made a fortune printing t-shirts. Just try to make avoid issues by posting parcels on time and doing all you can to please your customer.

kindle-self-publishingPublish a Kindle Book. With the right amount of dedication you can publish your own book in a little time. You may say you have no talent or creativity but let’s be truthful. Sometimes you just lack the will. “What would I write about?” You wonder. You have two options, follow the money or follow your passion. Write something most people would care about or write something you care about. Write a twenty page book of reflections, a collection of poems, a journal…

Offer Lessons. This has been a huge source of income for me in the past. I went as far as making up to 700 euros in 30 hours. I live in Italy. Italian is a language spoken only in Italy and in areas of Switzerland – and well, maybe in your house too – so when I offered English lessons I wasn’t surprised at the overwhelming number of people that were interested. I went from teaching for 10 euros an hour to 350 every fifteen hours. It all depends on your marketing scheme. If you really want it to be worth your while, get all your 350 euros at once after a trial lesson and fix the lesson for two hours, once a week. This means that you can work two days a week with two different people and make that much money. Maybe where you live English language isn’t an issue or you’re better with numbers. Make it apply to you too.London-songwriting-lessons-

Remember, money can’t be earned if you don’t take the risk. The only thing left to do is ask yourself if you’re determined enough.

Are these tips helpful? Are you doing any of them? Let me know in the comments!

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