Top Ten Bloggers, Vloggers and Everyday People to Follow

Social media can be boring, fun, detrimental, informative as you want it to be. I find that a growing number of people have distanced themselves from the many platforms of cyber interaction because they feel it’s time wasting and addictive. However, you’ll only waste the time you choose to on Facebook or Twitter and this greatly depends on who you’re following and what you post. If you’re not following them yet here’s my list of bloggers, emerging bloggers, and next door homies to follow. These people put up engaging content, on a regular basis.


Kezia Eniang (Food, Cookery)

10525682_10154442805630092_1319864120255268573_nYou can find almost anything between Spaghetti Bolognese with a healthy twist and D.I.Y detox drinks on Kezia Eniang’s food blog and youtube channel. Her vlog personality is calm and catchy to first time viewers and her self assurance will make you more interested in cooking than you are in eating… if that’s even possible. With archives ranging from year 2013 to date, Kezia’s videos are well made and properly constructed. If it makes you feel better, Kezia is not a professional chef, she’s your everyday Brit foodie. Only this one’s a cookie too!


MsNerdyChica (Fashion)

MsNerdyChica's Street Style
MsNerdyChica’s Street Style

This Haitian American fashionista’s sense of style will keep your online baskets full while you follow her. This is a warning. MsNerdyChica blogs, posts regular OOTDs on Instagram and uploads look books of her outfits in pop themed videos. Whether you’re looking for ideas for work wear, beach or poolside inspiration, or just browsing for envy, adding her to your Youtube subscription list wouldn’t hurt.


Swoozie (Gaming, Entertainment, Lifestyle)

Guy talk with Swoozie
Guy talk with Swoozie

With over three million subscribers this young self proclaimed vlogger, time traveler, professional cuddler and professional gamer has become a Youtube sensation. I’d have to add relationship guru and life expert to the accolades. Swoozie’s fun channel and gripping videos will have you doubling over. He talks about his experiences with women, famous people,work drama while offering relationship advice, dating etiquette and general life tips. Though he’s young he has much wisdom to impart. You might learn a lot from him, His easy-going nature and modest personality are a big part of the reason why people flock to his channel whenever he uploads a new video.


Sonna Rele (Music)

Sonna Rele on a Music Monday
Sonna Rele on a Music Monday

This beautiful singer, song-writer and instrumentalist is so talented even NeYo had to take notice. She’s made a routine of uploading much awaited pop covers every Monday to her ‘Music Monday’ playlist. To make her content more involving she features a variety of artists in some of her videos. Sonna Rele has gone from uploading ‘Music Monday’ videos to performing across the globe with John Legend, Wyclef Jean, Michael Franti and other musicians of great talent. She also performed the song from the Cinderella movie ‘Strong’. Big as she has become however, her fans can still relate to her as the pretty girl with the blonde hair and amazing voice that started uploading videos on Facebook and if you join the followship now, you’ll see that this hasn’t changed. Your Monday News Feed sounds so much better now.


YogaWithAdriene (Exercise, Healthy Living)


Adriene’s Youtube channel contains a vast range of yoga videos for everyone. You don’t have to be able to touch your toe or double pirouette. Her yoga videos are easy for people of all age groups to follow as she focuses more on revitalising the body. There’s street yoga you can do while waiting at the bus stop in the winter, beginner yoga, yoga for back pain, mentrual cramps etc., happy birthday yoga?! and if you’re looking to embark on the healthy living journey, there’s the 30 day yoga challenge… and so much more! Many are sceptical about yoga because they believe it is meditation pertaining to the deep dark religion but it doesn’t have to be. Yoga in the Western World is merely exercise. However, it can be what you want it to be. If you’re trying to relieve shoulder aches and yoga stretching exercises help, you don’t have to chant to the devil while doing it. If you’d like to know more about yoga, wiki it. Namaste.


Itsjudytime (Parenting)

Whether or not you have children, or want children someday, every single Itsjudytime snippet will get you laughing, cringing, cooing and crying at the same time. When she’s not busy raising her three daughters alongside her husband Benji (Juliana the oldest, Kiera and Miya the twins); Judy blogs about beauty and fashion on Fortunately, her parenting vlogs are also on the same website in a section titled it’s mommy life and we get to see regular videos of the shenanigans the bears are up to. Warning: Cuteness overload.

The bears
The bears


Humans of New York (People, Photography)

Brandon Stanton - A Human of New York
Brandon Stanton – A Human of New York

One cannot see a Humans of New York post and simply keep scrolling. I believe we can all agree that Brandon Stanton has started something powerful. So powerful that it has caused a shift in the attitudes of people and their interaction with others, One photograph by Brandon speaks volumes but he doesn’t just let the pictures speak for themselves. He also gets the story behind the people in brief quotes sometimes, or detailed paragraphs. With his lens he has done more good for so many individuals, communities and cities in months than some people would in a lifetime. And at the moment he’s in Pakistan, taking pictures of real people with real opinions and showing a side of the country you never thought existed.


Lena Danya (Arts)

maxresdefault (1)One day future students will study Lena as the Picasso of the 2010s. You get to see her various works of art in the making and attend her art events with her. Plus when you see her Khaleesi painting you’ll have no choice but to subscribe to her Youtube channel. This inspirational young lady is the epitome of true hard work and creativity. If you’re lacking inspiration a Lena Denya video is just the thing you need. You can also purchase her art work on from anywhere in the world!


Patricia Bright a.k.a Britpoplife (Fashion, Beauty, Lifestyle)


Patricia is a young newly wed British Youtuber who vlogs about beauty and fashion. The highlight of her channel however, is her lifestyle vlog section. She talks about everything from money to vagina waxing. Her open personality and free spirit have earned her hundreds of thousands of Youtube subscribers and followers on other media outlets. For a good laugh, a nod, a word of encouragement or daily inspiration, visit Patricia’s channel and follow her. Even men can relate to her discussions. So grab a cup of tea… because you’ll be needing it.


Robert Kiyosaki (Finance, Entrepreneurship, Ethics)

Robert KiyosakiThe best selling author of Rich Dad Poor Dad blogs too. You don’t have to be an Economics guru to understand his message. He has investment advice, money making tips, financial wisdom and that push you need to kick start your daily hustle. A read on his blogspot page every other day would be like business school in bed. And everyone needs that.

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