5 Things to do in Belgium

I’ve been travelling a lot recently and will keep doing so until October. So far Belgium has been one of my favourite places. Maybe because of old friends of mine I stayed with and our shenanigans. If you’re planning in visitng Belgium and you only know about the chocolate and waffles, here’s five things you can do besides that.

  1. Visit the AtomiumCattura di schermata (156)_edited

The Atomium is a building that was constructed when Brussels hosted the Expo in 1958. It’s a museum and it was named Europe’s most bizarre building by CNN. It’s made up of five spheres of exhibit halls and rooms and in the top sphere there’s a restaurant with an amazing view of Brussels.

2. Go to La Grand Place


Tick this off your UNESCO Heritage list of places to see. The square is surrounded by both public and private owned buildings of impressive architecture, restaurants, beer houses and if you’re lucky Stromae might be having a free concert there.

3. Visit the other cities


I always say this about countries in Europe. When in Rome, visit Milan too. Each city always has something to offer. If you can’t make it to Antwerp, try to visit the neighbouring villages and see the way the locals live. See the true face of Belgium.

4. Beach day 

New Imagehig_edited_edited

Plan a beach day at the closest beach. There isn’t one in Brussels but Blackenberg is not too far away. So take a much needed break from the city bustle and relax in the sun. Just don’t be like us and check the weather forecast for Brussels instead of Blackenberg and you won’t have to hide from the rain under a beach hut!

5. Learn Dutch or French

eupen (1)

It’s always a great opportunity to learn a few words in another language when you visit home. Many times as English speakers we feel we don’t have to speak foreign languages because ‘they have to be able to speak English.’ But saying ‘Dobry Den’ instead of ‘Good morning’ in Prague might go a long way into getting you the assistance you need.

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Got any other tips. Leave them in the comment section below!

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