5 Things to do in Prague

So! Prague, Prague, Prague… Land of cheap everything, zero commission on change… Well, I can’t give everything away. Check out five things to do in Prague if you’re considering the Czech Republic for your next holidestination.

I know there are a good number of cities worth visiting in the CZR so remember you don’t have to limit yourself to Prague like I did. Who knows, all these tips are probably valid for other cities too!

Here are five things you can do in Prague;

Charles Bridge
Charles Bridge

The Touristy Stuff: I usually do these when I have nothing else to do in a city, mostly on the last few days if I can. If you read my posts then you know that I’m not very interested in tourist attractions or fridge magnets but I have nothing against them. Prague has so many things to see and the best part is that most of it is free. No long snakey payment queues in the hot sun or wasted time in bureaucracy. Plus it’s never too crowded or too noisy.

The Spas/Saunas: Spend a day in one of the well-equipped spas of Prague. Therapeutic massages your body will thank you for, whirlpool baths and Finnish saunas, all for less than 100£. You’re welcome.

Street Painting: Now I know every tourist attraction has one artist or the other hanging around it, but those in Prague were particularly good at it. Get a good sketch or caricature of yourself and the landscape with to frame and take home with you. That’s a better souvenir than any fridge magnet I ever saw. Oops. I said it.

Valdstejnska Zahrada
Valdstejnska Zahrada

The Music Lounges/Gardens: There are really good music lounges to hang around if you’re a night crawler. Drinks and appetizers for less, and low entry fees. If you’re more of a daylight person, you can take an early afternoon off to visit one of the beautiful castle gardens away from the centre.

Buy Buy: Food, clothing, shoes, spas, you name it. Everything seems so much cheaper in Prague. Let out your inner shopaholic but be careful so you don’t return home broke.

Meet Burgers - (But don't go there sssh)
Meet Burgers, Old Town- (The shadiest burgers ever… but you didn’t hear that from me)

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