Things Entrepreneurs Can Learn From the World’s Most Hated Family

The Kardashians have to be the most hated family in the world yet they are the most talked about at every kitchen table, their names seem to pop up inadvertently in any kind of conversation, in every country in the world. People suddenly seethe with irritation and anger when that name comes up. ‘Uggh, please don’t talk about Kim Kardashian, she doesn’t do anything, she just got famous by a sex tape…so on and so forth. It is rare for this statement to be followed by a word of disagreement. Yet the same people who hate the sound of that name, are the very same who click on any article about them, follow the link to see Khloe’s Complex photoshoot, and buy the app!


I’ve heard it said that no statue was ever erected in the honour of a critique. So let’s hash this out a minute. What is it about the Kardashians that people hate so much? That Kim made a sex tape, that they seem so full of it, that they don’t have a ‘real job’, that they’re a dysfunctional family? I’m not writing this article in the capacity of defense lawyer or praise singer.

Sexy-Kim-keeping-up-with-the-kardashians-18570866-446-677I’m not going to tell you that there are millions of sex tapes starring beautiful women swimming around the internet yet none of them are famous, or that your family has its own issues… oops just did. Am I saying you should make a sex tape with a fairly famous person and hope for the best?

Ummm… you don’t have to do that just yet. But there are attributes that the Kardashians possess that would do you a whole lot of good to adopt.

Kim+Kardashian+Kardashians+Arrive+Miami+2ajZglrOeQFlFrom the death of their father, to winning the award for worst supporting actress in Temptations, with multiple faux pas in between all that, you can’t deny Kim’s Tenacity. She always wanted to be famous and she succeeded in that. The fact that people are aware of most of the mistakes she made on her path to fame makes it even worse. They don’t take her seriously even though they haven’t met her whereas you have the advantage of being able to introduce yourself and prove your worth. It’s harder for people to like us, she once said in an interview with the entire family, because we can’t sing or dance and we don’t have any particular talent. So getting people to like you just for yourself makes it even harder.

How would you apply that to yourself or your current situation? You lack the resources to make something happen for you or you don’t feel like you’re competent enough. That’s a lot easier than if you had a million pounds stashed away in a Swiss account or if you don’t have a master’s degree. Many entrepreneurs have these brilliant ideas, mind-blowing and life-changing but fail to follow through because they lack tenacity.

Khloe Kardashian
Khloe Kardashian

Khloe Kardashian has the catchiest personality. She’s that really solid down-to-earth one that can converse with anyone, anywhere and at any time. Over the years she has supplied much of the drama and entertainment needed to make the Kardashian reality series watchworthy but at the same time she is well capable of putting her foot down. You could have the most brilliant idea while being the smartest person in the room but if you’re a beige wall that’s all you’ll be. You need to speak to people and communicate your ideas in a way that they would be drawn to. Sometimes when you’re starting out on a new project and you need people to back you up, you might find that you’re becoming a yes man to whoever gives you a flicker of hope. Sometimes, when the terms just aren’t right you have to sing the ‘Hell Naw’ song.

Bruce (now Caitlyn) Jenner’s bravery is admirable. Whether or not you believe she deserved a medal for it, it must have taken some level of courage to expose a truth she was hiding year after year to his family, and eventually to the world.150716070949-02-caitlyn-jenner-espys-super-169

Every single day at least one Kardashian story is published. Talk about Overexposure.The ability to take on so many activities is commendable too and before judging from the risqué photos on social media, bear in mind that the Kardashians collective stream of income flows from perfume lines, clothing stores, a  fashion brand, modelling, events, fashion collaborations, event hosting, partnerships, acting, advertisements/endorsements, reality tv, hair extensions and so on… you really think they don’t do anything? You might wonder how easy it is to put on makeup and strut around on a red carpet in high heels and I won’t blame you. But to be fair we all know that there’s a lot more to what they do than many would imagine. What’s to learn? Be everywhere. Try to improve your skills in everything you possibly can. Read more, invest more in your ideas, and heck… make a conscious effort to be more social. Plaster a smile and your face when you feel it’s okay to and get people talking about you!

The way the Kardashians handle their critics is something every entrepreneur can learn, from slapping back when necessary to turning the other cheek. I’ve always said that you can’t be successful if you don’t take criticism well. Call it hate or being jelly but somehow a lot of the criticism we get is for our very own benefit. There is always something you can learn. Someone comments on your selfie that you are ‘so full of it,’ maybe it’s time to check if you suffer from a superiority complex, someone else tells you that your idea doesn’t appeal to their ethnicity then you find a way, not necessarily compromise, but a way to broaden your audience. There is a pride that comes with being a good entrepreneur or a fairly successful person that you sometimes need to mentally shrug off and remind yourself that you’re not yet satisfied with where you are.

Kris Jenner
Kris Jenner

Kris Jenner might not raise her daughters the way you would yours but you’ve got to agree that she was successful in raising them the way she wanted to. With six children and a growing empire to preen you might wonder how she finds time to make it all happen. This is for all the motherpreneurs and momagers and other people that feel they have to sacrifice their dreams to do something that would guarantee them a surer footing in life: Something obvious, something concrete, something that everyone will understand and agree with and commend you for doing. Having a child is not a good enough excuse to let your talents whither. This isn’t the 19th century; no one is gaping at you. And if they are, let them.

Consistency is the Key. It’s been almost eleven years and people still watch their show. People are talking about them more than ever before and it seems like that’s going to keep happening until the world finds a new family to hate.

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