Rose Lazard’s Style for Business Women

‘Commandare potere’ is a term I’m not sure I can meaningfully translate to from Italian. Am I losing my English? It literally means to ‘command power’ and you use it at crucial times such as when you want to describe Jesus calming the storm, or Beyonce stepping on stage or you, showing up for a job interview with Emirates in a beige skirt suit rather than the classic black. Defiance.

Style when properly curated can promote your presence. And presence is exactly what ‘commandare potere’ is all about. You walk into a room and everyone is craning for a second look, you’ve commanded power. You’ve caused some kind of quiet chaos in the atmosphere. Your cleavage isn’t dramatic and your skirt isn’t excessively short but you have their attention now and it’s up to you what you want to do with it.

It’s like Gi says in ‘The Duchess’; a woman’s style is her way of expressing herself. Women are expected to be more subtle. It’s the bitter truth and although there has been progress, many sentiments have been carried from the 1800s to today’s modern office. Women have to prove themselves before they even open their mouths.

I like good clothing and I don’t mind standing out but y’all know I prefer food any given day!

So I invited one of my favourite style bloggers and instagrammers, Rose Lazard, whose motto is; ‘You can have anything you want in life if you dress for it.’ She’s got you covered.


Today she is wearing a plaid suit, a white collar shirt and matching heels that she keeps casual by wearing her hair loose over her shoulders. A perfect look for women in tech, sole proprietors and business owners.”My work style is classic chic,” she says. “My colour palette is black, white, neutrals. A lot of white button down shirts, turtle necks, black slacks, camel coats and red lipstick.”

“I always tell myself to dress for the job I want and not the job I have. That’s my advice if you’re in that phase of job hunting. Dress like you mean business. Keep it classy but modern. When people work into my job, they think I’m the boss or at a higher position based on how I dress.”


“What you wear is the first thing you’ll be judged by when you meet an interviewer, so your appearance is your chance to make a good impression.”




Yes, I took this from the gram and so should you. The look on the right is one of my favourite looks for female bosses. We tend to wear black or grey or navy blue suits but white is a colour you can’t go wrong with it. It gives you this immaculate appearance, where you’re standing out when everyone is in uniform. No blazer, no pressure, just 100 percent feminine and confident in that. I love that Rose doesn’t wear black shoes with the outfit. The nude feet look gives more lux to the outfit. Minimal jewellery, short lob and of course the signature red lipstick.



I’m not a fan of black and white suits unless it’s protocol but Rose wears this well. The entire look is completely put together to give off this authoritative yet womanly vibe. The hair has a bit of the OG thing going on but you’re distracted from that because of the chic heels and the cigarette trousers which create the perfect balance. Cigarette style trouser suits are officially investment worthy, take it from me.

“Never wear too much perfume,” she adds. “It’s also a huge faux pas to wear flip flops or leggings. I’m thinking of starting a petition to have leggings banned outside the gym.”

I completely agree with that and I would chip in not to wear neon outfits. You know the fuchsia shirt and the bright lemon trousers with the sharp lavender shoes. There is a place and time for all that. The goal is to attract people to you, not to distract people from work. Same goes for the jewellery. Keep it minimal so you don’t jingle.

Screenshot_2015-12-02-19-23-06-1This is how to rock a regular trouser suit. It’s not regular any more with that striped shirt tucked in and the long blazer which gives a slender look. Oh, the colour!

Remember, minimal jewellery,  well groomed hair and stance of a goddess.



Screenshot_2015-12-02-19-24-57-1Rose Lazard aka Dadouchic is an NYC based professional photographer, paralegal and style and travel blogger on For more looks visit her blog or follow her on Instagram @Dadouchic.




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