The Office Holiday Party

Your bosses and managers will be there, along with a handful of stakeholders and of course your colleagues. The idea is to dress in a manner to which people at every level can relate. This is not Cannes Film Festival – and I’m sick of you all showing up in fur coats and maxi silk negligees.


Ditch the classic colours 

Green, red, white and gold. No. Not this year. Not for me, at least. They are classic Christmas colours but you don’t necessarily have to wear them to this year’s office party. Unless you prefer to stand in a corner with a glass of wine and blend in with the Christmas tree. There’s nothing wrong with wearing other colours – it’s a party and for once you are at the liberty to choose your outfit with less frugality. If you really want to be in the Christmas spirit however, you may go ahead and use accessories with Christmas colours.

Don’t Show Too Much Skin

This isn’t slut shaming for some of those that love to troll in the comment section. Unless your office is the strip club show a classy amount of skin. Yes to some cleavage, yes to dresses with some dip to the back, yes to a decent slit. No to belly button low cut cleavage, no to high rise thigh slits. You don’t want to draw any kind of negative attention to yourself. Unless, of course, you do.



Talk to everyone from the boss to the security guard. If you’re not a talkative person just gliding from group to group could also work out. Surely some kind of convo would be going on already and you can just chip in or pick a side of the argument. However, if your people skills are on point, don’t stay in one conversation for too long. This is a chance for you to meet everyone you work with in the same room. The foundation of some successful carriers was laid at office parties.

Be Subtle

Don’t drink too much. Don’t be too loud. Don’t talk too much. If you find yourself talking for more than thirty seconds straight, stop and let some one else speak. Which allows you time to think before you speak. There are a lot of egos floating around. When I was sharing my ideas with a co-blogger she said, “Yes, but you’re aware it’s a party right? Party being the key word.” Yes. Party is the key word but the emphasis is on Office. What type of party is it? Where I worked some time ago, the office party wasn’t just a party. It was a sea where people were fished for promotions – or demotions. An avenue for pitching proposals, sleeping with the managers and finally realizing why you have to fire that annoying guy. An office party isn’t a ‘party’ like the mindless, harmless ones you organize for your ten year old. It’s an opportunity.

Don’t Talk To Your Superiors About Work

Don’t initiate any conversation about work with your superiors. You might wonder, ‘how am I supposed to network, then? What am I going to speak to my bosses about?’ Anything, except your personal problems and work. Nobody cares at such an event. If you spark up talk about work, you’ll only look like a hopeful newbie trying to bootlick their way to the top. So what should I talk about? ‘Hey, boss! How are you doing this evening! I love the decor, I love your outfit (not), thank you for putting together such an amazing party!’ There, a conversation is born.

Find Out As Much as You can About Your Colleagues

No, this isn’t Mission Impossible and you don’t have to interrogate anyone. You’ll be working with these people for a long time. It never hurts to be one step ahead or to get ideas from other people. Let your goal be that at the end of this party, if I run into the security guard in the elevator I should know his name. The party isn’t the end of socializing with colleagues, it’s just the prelude!





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