The Youtube Vlogger to Watch Out For

She may not have a hundred tutorial videos or life vlogs (yet), but Toni Adenle, better known to Youtube as Toni Tone prepares her videos with passion to deliver enjoyable content to her subscribers and the rest of the world. Her videos are based mostly on hair reviews, make-up advice and life in general. On more than one occasion she has featured family and friends to participate in the ubiquitous TMI tags.

Toni Tone Toni Tone

“I started making videos four years ago whilst in university,” she says, “However, I didn’t take it seriously as I should have, partially because I was distracted by college life and because I did not have the right equipment – if I can’t go all out with something I’m doing, I’m likely to not do it at all.” But with over 15,000 followers on Instagram to form a sturdy fan base she shouldn’t have much to apologize for.

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