What’s in my Bag (Briefcase)?

The Briefcase The Briefcase

My briefcase is a rust hand crafted vintage gift from my mother. Or more truthfully a coveted acquisition on my part. As always. Unfortunately (or fortunately), it bears no brand name but I would investigate if required to. Its interior is divided in two sections, one slimmer than the other with a zipped purse in the larger one. It has a pen compartment that accommodates three pens next to a glossy transparent ID slot. It can be opened without its tiny key provided you didn’t lock it after clasping it shut. So here’s the briefcase tour.

Tab/Copy of The Economist Tab/Copy of The Economist

It’s nothing fancy but my tablet makes it easy to squeeze in a copy of The Economist, my blog, a bunch of textbooks and manuscripts, as well as a couple of Kindle books by some three or four nondescript authors. It’s a modest Galaxy Tab A, victim of…

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