Foolproof ways to Detox Your Life

Sometimes the pressure of living can be daunting and it’s easy to give into it. This sounds like the first line of a gospel song, but it’s true. Stress thrives in places where the environment has the right elements it needs: The right people to stress you out, the right job to stress you out, the right thoughts to stress you out, heck, the right stress to stress you out. While cutting people off or quitting a job you dislike is easier said than done, these tips and ideas are definitely going to help reduce stress and/or help you let go of burdens that weren’t even yours in the first place.

First thing you might want to consider is Quitting Social Media. I took a break off social media for some time. I didn’t post on Instagram or blog, and if I visited Twitter or Facebook I didn’t spend more than 5 minutes in a week. I found then that social media has a way of  creeping up on you and selling you ideas and opinions in such a convincing manner that suddenly you start to believe in things that are not real. Material things become a priority, and then you’re more interested in who did what and where, your virtual worth etc. It’s not necessarily because I was easily influenced or addicted but because I failed to manage myself properly. Now that I’ve created a distance from it, not just mentally but an actual physical dissociation from it, it means little to nothing to me.

Change Your Way of Thinking. Many of the toxins in our lives come as consequences of some decisions we made in the past. Over time, I realised that much of the pain I had to deal with was either directly or indirectly caused by bad habits I’d developed. I’ve come to find that you cannot change a bad habit by behaving differently but by thinking differently. So where I used to criticise a lot, I began to look for beauty and where I tended to suspect, I began to find aspects worthy of trust. Instead of feeding on the negativity that I had been served, I started thinking and speaking positively. It was not long before I started acting positively and people began to respond differently. You know that person you dislike, the moment you find something good about them (and there sure is), you’ll feel more at ease because it’s one less germ in your space.

This is probably the most common step but it’s essential to Upgrade Your Company but only after you upgrade yourself. A lot of people want to be treated better but don’t even treat themselves well, they want to be loved but don’t even love themselves. They want others to go the extra mile for them but refuse to take a step further for themselves. Upgrading your company does not mean cutting off people who offend you or erecting a high wall between you and the people you suspect are being fake. It simply means networking your way to people who motivate and mentor you. It doesn’t make sense to become a lone soul in the name of Detoxing your life because if you come to think of it, you’ll only be creating more drama that will somehow catch up with you in the future. Learn what it truly means to be ‘friends’, and don’t give a tag to everyone you come across.

Eat Better. Fix your eating disorders. I wish the saying ‘you are what you eat’ weren’t so true. When you cut off or reduce your trash intake everything feels a lot cleaner and your skin will thank you. After struggling with acne for a long time it wasn’t until I cut off some things from my diet that my skin showed any sign of improvement. All ‘glone’ up… acne, what’s that?

Try Yoga. Now you probably don’t want to hear the Yoga gospel but I promise it should be somewhere at the top of the list. It’s definitely another thing your body will thank you for. I quit yoga some time in 2014 and sought the simple pleasures of being a couch buddy. Until February, when I found out couldn’t touch my toes any more. I signed up to the nearest yoga class and now, drum roll, I have less time to attend to any drama that tries to stir itself up.

Talk Less, Listen More. Not much to elaborate here. It’s great to talk and all and let people be entertained by you but I’ve found it’s even better to sit back, lend a listening ear, a silent mouth and a heart without judgement. It’s so much easier, you don’t have to run through your mind or work up a thirst.





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