5 Reasons Your Colleagues Don’t Like You

It’s okay if a couple of people at the office don’t really like you; they could have their legit reasons for that but it becomes a real problem when no one seems to like you. You don’t get invited to work lunches, you’re not included in break time conversations and it seems you’re the only one who doesn’t know what’s going on. It’s very important to get along with your colleagues as this helps you advance not just professionally but personally too because you’re surrounded by talented people who have a lot to teach you in your field.

So while you can’t control a person who dislikes you for your skin tone or your accent, these are some reasons why you may not be getting along with people at work:

You’re a bit pretentious: In cases where your co-workers once spoke to you but don’t anymore, it might be because you’re a teensy bit braggadocious. You may not mean to be but things you say might come across as if you’re trying to place yourself higher than others because lets face it if you’re not the boss you’re really not higher than them. So let’s refrain from saying things like, “Last year when I was in Cannes,” or “My car broke down so I had to drive the other one.” You may really just be telling a story but stories that begin or end like these do are usually unnecessary and insensitive to the plight of others.

You don’t work hard enough: How often do you call in sick? Because when you do, your responsibility gets shifted to someone else who didn’t plan to take it on. Can your bosses depend on you to get work done? Do your co-workers find you reliable? Do you take a smoke break every ten minutes? Basically, are you lazy? It’s important to work hard and take breaks at the appropriate times. An appropriate time would be when everyone else is taking a break so you could join the conversations and get motivated.

You’re a tad bossy: No one likes a co-worker who bosses them around. You might want them to execute an idea you proposed or assist you with something but never push your idea in your co-worker’s face. No matter how brilliant your ideas are don’t try to force their execution on other people. Even if you’re a team leader, give equal opportunities for self expression and implement at least one idea from everyone. If you’re not responsible for handling their pay check don’t try to boss them around.

You try too hard: Yes you’re super friendly and you love everyone and everything on the planet but sometimes expressing that friendliness scares your colleagues off. Not everyone wants to be your friend so while it might be tempting to demonstrate that you are a really good human, just don’t it Nike. Listen to people and actually listen, but develop good judgement to know when to laugh out loud, or give advice, or simply be silent.

You’re never available: Maybe you’re really truly busy or you’re simply a home buddy. Rejecting invitations to work gatherings or meet ups can be detrimental to your professional relationships because people are rarely understanding of personal circumstances. Especially when you can’t elaborate your excuses further. Don’t make a habit of rejecting invitations and try to help solve problems as often as you can to increase your popularity. So no matter how hard it is, go out of your way to show up to every function and to have fun!


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