May Favourites

I know I’m late but better late than sorry. No, really, sorry. Things have been a bit hectic in this period what with trying to get my life together… (Aren’t we all). But I’m doing something a tad different this time around.

I’ve always wanted to do the monthly favourites tag but it just seemed so… anyways, drum roll – I give you my first monthly faves.

tedTECH AND APPS: My obsession with technology has become sliiightly disturbing or at least to the people around me. How did this happen? I’ve formed a habit of waiting for my Ted Talk notifications to build up during the week and savouring multiple tech related videos at once on Saturday evenings. I wonder if it’s because I’ve been in the dark for so long there are over 18 years of techsperience to catch up on.  I recently downloaded the Vogue App which is fairly new, and Flipboard is my literal morning coffee. Yeah, you know how we roll over and check messages first thing in the morning. I roll over to read everything on Flipboard. This is how it all started.

In the past I would only select topics that could interest me or keep me entertained when I had nothing to do: fashion, make-up, travel, entrepreneurship but Flipboard is an educational tornado. After selecting a broader range of topics, it’s amazing how much I was able to learn about Tech, Africa, Isis… I also invested in some worthy equipment: lighting, sound recording and a bunch of things I never dreamt I would ever splurge someday. What’s happening to me?

I recently discovered timetable apps and they’re the best thing ever. Sometimes when I’m slacking it’s nice to get a reminder with a motivational message like ‘Hey, get up and study!’ or ‘Work even harder’ or ‘Remember Your Goals’.

IMG_7322_edited_editedTRENDS AND STYLE: While the Vogue App and Flipboard are both great at keeping you up to date with fashion and make-up trends, I’ve discovered something else that works even better; Not caring so much. I didn’t purchase any in season pieces and I’m doing just great. Wear whatever you want to.

MAKE-UP AND SKINCARE: Sephora, Kiko, Mac, I ditched all of that for a cheaper option. The Pharmacy up the street. I found the best lipsticks by a brand named Tb Pharmacy, essentially cruelty free and produced sustainably. Going foundation free is the best thing ever because while I had great coverage I found even the light foundations to be not so light three or so hours after application. So I invested in good skincare products. I currently love REN skincare, Cetaphil face washes and recently discovered Youderm, an Italian brand for impure or/and acne prone skin.It’s important to me that my skincare and make-up comes from the pharmacy because the products are more concerned with dermatology and cleansing, and I can trust that they’ve been thoroughly researched and controlled before they reach the shelves.

intro_packs.pngI’ve also been using Braun’s electronic facial brush and it’s fantastic. It comes with an epilator to get rid of facial hair to help you achieve smoother skin and help your make up stay on cakelessly.

Now if you live outside Italy, I don’t know if this product line is available in your country but I Provenzali makes the best everything: Shampoo, hair oil, face oil, body butter, masks and more all available for worthy prices at the herbalists or specific beauty supply stores like CAD , with flavours ranging from Shea butter to flax seed.

flash16.jpgTV AND OTHER DRUGS: If I recently cancelled on you it’s probably because I was busy watching asian shows like The Beauty of the Beast and if you’re thinking ‘eww really?’ I’m not going to encourage you to become couchworms by telling you to try it but if you’re pretty much caught up on all the action since Descendants of the Sun, my current favourite shows are Another Miss Oh, Vampire Detective and Empress of China so if you’re into dramas you should definitely check those out. I also started watching The Flash last week and while I found it to be borderline corny what with all the ‘I have to save people, I am,’ gruelling voice, ‘The Flash’; Wentworth Miller’s Rogue Rangers and Patty are the reason why I’m still loyal to what would have been an otherwise mediocre show.



Thanks for reading,

See you again soon!

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