500 Fb Followers Giveaway!

Hello you!

I thought it would be appropriate to say a big fat ‘thank you’ to every one who supported me this past year.

I know it takes a lot of dedication to follow someone’s blog notifs and even much more to actually read them and take the time to comment.

Merely saying ‘thank you’ would not be enough to reciprocate the support I’ve received; from the criticism, to the cheers, to the helpful comments and even the hateful ones. I’ve learnt a lot and grown while learning. So after giving it some thought I found a fun way to say thanks:

I teamed up with this really cool artist Antonella Castiglione, to make some signed merch, so you can think of me fondly every now and then, wink wink. Like this mug..




No efforts required on your part, I’ll choose randomly!

Six winners will be announced on the 15th of July, 2016.







p.s: You can enter from any where on our beautiful planet.



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