Tested, Tried and True Tuesday: Affordable Products to Cure Acne



The best products are not necessarily the most expensive ones but they are necessarily affordable because if you feel a stabbing pain in your heart when you’re buying them there’s no way they’re really worth it.

If you struggle with acne and you want your skin as uniform and clean as possible here are my favourite tried, tested and true products to get rid of acne, dark spots, large pores and impurities!

_571_zps4929e4d8.jpgBraun Facial Epilator: Facial hair is perfectly normal if you’re a mammal so don’t freak out so much over it. It’s  all over your face but on your chin and above your top lip it might be a tad darker and you may – or may not want that. Shaving your face is a great solution. Not only does it unclog your pores, it makes your face smoother and helps your make up (if this appeals to you) spread nicely.

Pros: Use the Braun facial epilator to remove excess or unwanted hair from the roots while retarding regrowth. I’ve only had to use this once since January when I got it! It comes with an electronic brush for deep cleansing which is a great alternative to the Clarisonic facial brush so instead of buying a Clarisonic brush for over a hundred fifty bucks, spend sixty on the Braun epilator package.

Cons: I think Braun could sell this epilator at a lower price. I don’t know if we are really paying for the packaging or the actual product. The epilator and brush share the same detachable handle but the handle is battery powered, which is almost ridiculous. Who buys batteries? We all know Braun can do better because we’ve seen the Oral B electronic toothbrush’s technology. For fifty euros, I’m sure we can get a charger and a velocity regulator with this product.

YouDerm for acne prone skin

Youderm is an Italian brand for impure and acne prone skin or atopic dermatitis. It has a line dedicated to each of these conditions consisting of a daily face wash, tonic water, 3 in 1 face scrub and reconstructing cream.

Pros: It leaves your skin feeling clean and renewed without that dull deprived dryness typical of many products that cater to acne prone skin and each individual product sells for roughly thirteen euros. Also, they can be purchased only at the pharmacies so that makes them more trustworthy. I vouch for this one!

Cons: This product might be available only in the EU.

004010001.jpgNivea toner for Dry and Sensitive skin (with Almond Oil): This soothing toner is everything. I used to be very sceptical of toners because every one I came across seemed too abrasive. Dab it on with a cotton pad morning and night after you wash your face for extra hydration and it also takes off any and all residual make up.

Pros: It’s highly affordable ranging from 3 euros to 5 depending on your location and the supply store. You can get it at most supermarkets and beauty supply stores like Cad, or Aqua e Sapone in Italy.

Cons: No qualms with this one!

I-Provenzali-Olio-di-Karitè-Viso-e-Corpo-11.jpgI Provenzali Shea butter facial oil: This oil does wonders for acne scars. Apply them onto the problem areas to complete your night routine. It hydrates the skin, dries up pimples and heals acne (or any other) scars while toning the face and aiding the uniformity of the complexion.

Pros: People with acne prone skin tend to shy away from oily products and I tots understand why but this is the best non-oily oil I’ve ever come across plus it’s also very affordable with a price range from 8 euros to 12 euros!

Cons: You probably guessed from the name but you’re not likely to find this product the EU. Cheer up though, you can always order it on eBay.it!


Bare face

You know the drill; Wash your face at least twice a day using only cold water and avoid abrasive products. Drink lots of water and eat healthy!


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