Jela: Hands, and Legs in the Air (Continued)

How does the music environment in Manchester differ from your former city?

“Most of our musical identity…”

Everything is different! I should talk about rock and popular music to be more accurate, I can only speak for what I know. Most of our musical identity was Anglo-Saxon oriented and the UK and America were making our eyes (and ears) shine. Once the opportunity comes around, why should we not seize it? Manchester’s rain seems to fertilize its musical soil: there’s an incredible amount of venues and artists within a very limited space. There’s probably more than in the whole Southern half of France. I might be exaggerating but I might not actually! It’s not even comparable and I don’t even consider doing what we do back there. I’m not saying this out of bitterness or arrogance, it just seems like a natural move for what we do and what we want to achieve. Again, I’m only talking about rock music and culture.

 What are your future projects and plans?

“The time feels right”

We’re recording several songs at the moment, produced by Nuno Carvalho that we met 3 years ago when he produced the old version of ‘No Longer Blind’ on Soundcloud. Most of them will be released as singles, from September 2016. We will be releasing limited-edition vinyls, as well as online on every kind of platform. We think vinyls give the tracks the dignity they deserve and it’s just a beautiful object to have and to look back on throughout the years. We will begin touring around the UK and hit the festivals next summer. We can’t wait to materialise the fruit of the two past years of hard work together. It’s really exciting and the time feels right to get our vision out there!

What’s the best advice you’ve received and how has it helped you?

I suppose the best advice I received was to listen to what everybody’s got to say. I doesn’t mean selling your soul at every corner, but be open-minded enough to listen to everybody and wise and upright enough to make your own decisions out of it. From the advice we received, “work hard!” was the most painful to accept but we’re now taking a lot of pleasure contemplating our progress towards what we dream. Most of all, my self-given advice is BELIEVE.

What do you like about being in a band and would you/do you ever play solo?

“It’s a different kind of feeling”

I started playing the guitar and singing watching folk musicians and it is part of my musical soul. Whatever’s happening with the band, I always like turning the amp off and play an open-mic or an acoustic gig somewhere. It is a different kind of feeling, more introspective I guess. Playing acoustic will follow me for the rest of my musical journey, I just don’t know what it will shape into just yet. It’s more of a hobby for now as the band is my main interest. It’s such a gift to be playing the music you love with some of your favourite people. The energy that comes out of the rhythm section is unparalleled to when I play on my own. I just can’t get enough of this power.

How has your music changed since you first started?

“Serving a higher purpose”

In loads of different ways! Everything feels more mature, sharper. First of all our musicianship has evolved. Practising every day is obviously making us better musicians on an individual level. We adapt to each other faster. Living and playing together on a daily basis also knits us together as a band. It’s not three individuals playing music together, but a real entity serving a higher purpose.

As I mentioned earlier on, the way we write has changed as well. While the performance used to follow the writing, it seems like there’s a bit of a pole inversion and we like to write after jamming together and it’s reflected in the music. But it’s not an exact science, every song has its own birth.

In general, the music is livelier than before, more refined and made to be played live. We’re not counting on extra arrangements anymore and we’re making the most of what we’ve got instead. We’ve learned to trust our skills by improving. “Less is more” they say.

Check out; “I Can Breathe” by Jela


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