What (NOT) To Do in Milan This Summer

Milan is my favourite Italian city. It’s like the rebellious child that you love but you just don’t know what to do with some times and it’s the city that manages to successfully merge the ancient and modern. You’re likelier to appreciate it more once you move to one of slower-paced cities but if you don’t live in Italy, and you’re coming down for a temporary fix, here are some things to keep in mind:

IMG_1586_edited_editedDo (NOT) go to the Piazza del Duomo in the Afternoon. Milan is very hot and humid in the summer, even more than Rome more often than not as it is a landlocked city. Every tourist goes to the Duomo in the early hours of the afternoon. It’s noisy, it’s hot, it’s crowded and the queues can be brutal. Instead, try visiting in the around 5 pm when the hustle subsides and the sun isn’t threatening to grill you. Shop on the nearby Corso Buenos Aires and go into town for dinner. Unless you don’t have a budget, in that case, by all means dine at any of the restaurants around the Duomo!

laRinascente_Ape_Music_2-5_MG_7668-728x300.jpgDo (NOT) expect things to be cheap. I don’t understand why many make the assumption that because Milan is a European fashion capital clothing articles should be cheap. It’s quite the contrary. If you intend to visit Milan do come with enough cash to have all the fun you want to.

Cattura di schermata (761)_edited
Photo cred: Lewis Angelo

Do Visit Neighbouring Towns and Villages. It’s painful to see people leave Milan without visiting Lake Como and other surrounding villages. They may not be the most famous tourist attractions but they depict the realest scenarios of Italian life, so take an Uber or a twenty minute train to Como or Lake Ticino with a guitar or a good book.





aignerDo look for a fashion show. Many ignore the live fashion scene when visiting Milan. Look online to see if there’s a catwalk somewhere in the city and even if it’s an obscure designer go out there and experience the forte of Milan because why not?





bici-bikemi.jpgDo Take a BikeMi. It’s a great way to look around. While many Italian cities still haven’t adopted the Bike sharing initiative, Milan is one of the few  with BikeMi stops outside every station and even in random places. If you intend to stay for longer periods, simply purchase a pass and feel free to ride around the city!




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