Tested, Tried and True: Facial Massage

For this week’s edition of ‘Triple T Tuesdays’, I tried the Tanaka facial massage routine every day for one month so you wouldn’t have to experiment on your own skin!

IMG_20160706_001634There are tons of benefits to be drawn from facial massage, including anti-aging, improved complexion, face slimming and increased collagen production amongst many others. While it still hasn’t become an integrated part of mainstream beauty routines in the Western world, in Japan, its country of origin, and many other Asian countries, face massages are no fad.

The Tanaka routine was the most beginner friendly massage I could find, so I decided to go for it and I must say I made some startling discoveries about myself along the way.


First thing I realised was how much I hate touching my face. I’ve formed a habit of keeping my hands off my face no matter how clean they are. Having to massage my face with my hands was a difficult thing to do.

I also hate using oils on my face. Many tutorials recommend using Olive oil or almond oil for the massage but be careful if you have acne prone or oily skin. After the first week of breaking out terribly and getting a puffy look that was the exact opposite of what I was aiming at, I decided to stop using almond oil and make the facial massage a part of my cleansing routine – it’s much better to use a mild cleanser.

Avoid putting too much pressure on your skin. The Tanaka does not need to be painful in order to work. Massaging aggressively can cause discoloration and reddening. I made this mistake at first, and was soon forced to resort to gentler measures that didn’t pull on my skin or make me cry inside.

Screenshot_2016-07-06-01-06-03-1Be sure you’re doing it right. There are people who have become experts at this through years of studying facial structure and pressure points. Follow a good tutorial, possibly, to the letter. Dragging at your face in everywhichway may make you feel as though something is happening. Something might be happening but it won’t be what you think! Be careful and don’t overdo it.

You don’t really need to do this. This has been fun to write but honestly… you don’t need facial massage, or at least not on a regular basis. I did see a slight difference in face structure definition which is great, maybe if I carry on the routine for six months there will be definite changes but I think if you wash your face at least twice a day, eat healthy and use skin type-appropriate products you’ll be just fine. You can incorporate a quick version of the routine into your face cleansing every once in a while.

Screenshot_2016-07-06-01-05-21-1On that note, did facial massage make any difference?

Yes, a slight one so far.

Will you continue it?

Yes, I’m curious to see where this is headed.

Final thoughts:

Try it with moderation and with, if any, very little oil.


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