Monthly Faves: June

Coursera-Logo-cropped1.jpgTECH AND APPS: Flipboard and Ted still managed to top the list once again this month but I have been learning Mandarin and Coding Language on Coursera. Although I have fewer and fewer hours of personal time, I’ve made a point to practice at least two hours a week. Coursera courses are completely free of charge unless you want a certificate, changing the future of education lesson after lesson. Chinese does have the reputation of being very difficult but I’m starting to get the hang of it. 

IMG_20160628_184315SKIN CARE: Kaloderma is insidiously seeping into my routine. This Italian brand is an affordable spa line with hydrating body lotions and face creams that are perfect for the sunny days.

I only ever use Bottega Verde‘s bath and shower gels but I only recently discovered their solar protection line which comes in spray or cream form. It doesn’t give that grating dry sensation most others do and while it’s not the cheapest out there, it’s definitely worth a try. 




IMG-20160703-WA0009MAKE-UP AND COSMETICS Couvrance Avene’s bronzing powder is the best thing since makeup. I use it to contour and sculpt when necessary. It can only be purchased in pharmacies in Italy or online, from Avene’s official website. Unlike most bronzers, it has a subtle pigmentation and colour correcting effects that work on every skin tone.

I also never thought I would say this but the glitter trend is growing on me. Apply the tiniest amounts after your fixer spray (a little goes a long way) for a shimmery finish.

TV: King Tommen’s suicide scene in Game of Thrones is arguably the best scene since the show started. It just ended but who else is already looking forward to season 7?






IMG_20160707_005443COLLABORATIONS Alexis Nelly (Youtuber)

Kel’s Kitchen (Blogger)

I Provenzali





w7-1140x641UPCOMING EVENTS I’m covering the Women in Italian Design Exhibition in Milan! See you there?






Got any recommendations? Drop them in the comment section below.


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