5 Investments to Make in Your Early 20s

If there’s better to come after the 20s, I’m yet to find out. Financial investments are important but personal investments are even more so. What better time to invest in yourself and your potential than when you’re young, wild, free and convinced your friends and colleagues are all doing better than you. Too many twentysomethings prance around in high heels and designer brogues, putting on the facade of the youth that has it all together but here’s a thought. Let’s try to actually get it together, shall we?

IMG_20160707_005443EDUCATE Yourself: And that does not necessarily mean go get a PhD or anything. Although that would be rather impressive, don’t confine your education to what you learn in a closed room. You want to learn a language? Save up and pay for the course or go on Coursera an hour a day for free. Try a summer cooking course, or take personal defense, or a dance class. Brief courses may not make you a master of anything, but they will teach you more about yourself and give you a broader perspective. Not only will they look good on your CV, the skills you acquire are likely to come in handy some day.

CULTIVATE Your Talent: I’ve met too many talented and creative people who give up way too early. Talent may become mediocre if you take little or no action to reinforce it with more. More lessons, more practice, more character, more determination.

PURSUE Your Dreams: Dreams will remain just that, until you believe in yourself and go after them. No one will believe in you if you can’t even convince yourself that you’re worth investing into. Pursuing your dreams entails getting out of your own way to achieve your goals. Be decisive and confident.


FRIENDSHIPS are so underrated these days, in the end your friends are the people who become your connections for a broader future. Make efforts to keep in touch every now and then, make the first moves, engage people, ask to meet up and show support on social media. You may not see now while your room mate is in law school but who are you going to call when you run into trouble some day? The Ghostbusters? Didn’t think so.

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TRAVEL is invaluable experience. Leave home and create your own adventures. Get a bit of something more than souvenirs from every place you visit, learn to adapt in less than familiar circumstances, meet new people that could become friends and contacts in the future. More importantly, have fun!








Feet Planters Foundation: Enabling the integration of undocumented immigrants through empowerment and education.
FP – Our charity organization for undocumented immigrants

VOLUNTEERING – not only for a flashy badge on your Linkedin page – is one of the most satisfying experiences you can give yourself because while giving yourself, you’re getting in return. We get so caught up in our own worlds and our struggle for self-actualisation that we only remember to stop when we unclock our devices and see the plight of other people in various parts of the world. Volunteer your skills and your time to those in need. You may not have to go all the way to Chile or Sudan, you can start at your local red cross.




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