Get Ready With Me: Breakfast Date

So breakfast dates are a lot less daunting than they sound, and I know because I finally went on one recently. One major plus about them is that they don’t carry the weight of responsibility traditional dates do.

I mean asking to go out for dinner these days can be easily understood as “Did they just propose?!” But breakfast dates can be spontaneous, on the spur of the moment activities, and let’s face it who doesn’t love a stack of pancakes and a tall glass of latte macchiato first thing in the morning. I love to eat so I do a lot more than avocados and a strip of bacon. Oats, eggs, toast, pancakes, hot chocolate with abundant cream, I’m always ready.

The food part’s great but there’s the 30 minutes before that when you don’t want to look like Master Po. We’ve got this!


For this breakfast date I wake up at 9ish because why wake up super early when you’re not going full face glam. I’m doing the simplest foundation concealer routine ever; basic bish primer, foundation, concealer, spooley, lip gloss because anything more would seem like you did not wake up like this and we wouldn’t want that.

The goal here is not to hide every acne scar and pimple on your face but it’s to look half decent. Next… clothing! It’s a good thing pj style shirts are not completely out of trend this season.

I’m wearing a vintage pj top by Confezioni di Lusso (which I didn’t sleep in) and nondescript jean shorts, with a pair of laceless sneakers from HnM. A wristwatch is essential because it’s easy to turn a lazy morning into a lazy day if you’re not careful. Grandpa glasses to make morning hair look more put together. No purse required, just a pocket with some spare change.


And for the finished look;


Francesino is the perfect breakfast place in the city. It hides in a neat little corner where no one can find it unless they’re looking and that’s exactly why I love it. No interruptions and no noise, just light conversation and breakfast looking out through the transparent sliding doors.





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