Black Friday Tips and Traps to Avoid

That time of year is here again, along with all the craziness that’s attached to it. Whether you’ll be getting up at 3 am to stand in line or clicking on the ‘Check Out’ button from home, this list of things to avoid will come in handy as we begin the shopping season. In Italy where I live, the concept of Black Friday hasn’t quite seeped in yet. We have it too, but in a much more moderate fashion than the America. i.e No wigs will be flying off on this side of the pond.

zara-black friday-2014.png
Zara be like

Side note, this time around we’ll be boycotting H&M and their ‘20% off everything’ attempt at Black Friday because certainly every other store will be doing better.

Don’t buy anything before friday. Stores know that you’ll be waiting for the d-day to pull out your wallet so you won’t be buying anything before. They try to make as much profits as possible from people who are willing to pay a little more or desperate to take advantage of discounts by offering 20% to 50% off so you can start shopping in fear that your favourite items would run out.

Some products are made specifically for Black Friday. I worked for a clothing company in the past and at the beginning of the commercial year we had some clothing made specially to be sold on discount dates. You may be paying less but bear in mind that sometimes you’re getting less too. Shop from a trustworthy outlet. But do those even exist these days?

Wait for Cyber Monday to buy the techy stuff. Depending on where you live the Monday before or after Black Friday is Cyber Monday, the ‘friday’ of tech related items. If you’ve been saving up for a new camera or an electronic appliance, that’s the best day to buy it. Don’t expect discounts on the iPhone 7 though, that’s as easy to come by as snow in Rome.

4236fb1703830061991f1b608cc5b5f7Lies. Don’t you just hate those. A 70% discount label on a mannequin doesn’t mean a discount happened. Sometimes store owners stick those on to get you to by it so don’t shop according to the price tag but according to your financial ability. Don’t do it. It’s foolish, honestly, truly.

Don’t buy on credit. Don’t swipe your credit card because you’re confident you can repay everything you buy someday. Stick to your budget and don’t get carried away.

Go to one shopping location. A mall, or a shopping street would be ideal so you can snag all the deals in one place, at once and head home in one piece.

Save something for the web. You might find that online prices of items from other countries are cheaper. Recharge your prepaid card and scavenge away.

Have fun!

14502914_1675286079454004_2471724149799392498_nWere these tips helpful? Leave some of yours below and stay connected to see a Black Friday Haul Video soon.

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