Melania Trump Must Not Be Underestimated – Here’s Why


24670318A myriad of tweets and memes claim that the newest FLOTUS is a weak little flower who found herself in the White House by accident. ‘All she wanted was a sugar daddy but suddenly she’s First Lady,’ the memes read, showing Melania Trump looking forlorn and out of place in official ambiences. It’s not surprising that people would think that though, after all her English is not the most polished and she is a college dropout so of course, she must have made it to this point by ‘sheer luck’ or ‘ill fate’. But it’s far too early to feel sorry for Melania and here’s why.

Although the First Lady is a college dropout, as we often forget are so many other successful people, she’s smarter than you would think. Not everyone can speak six languages without a degree. At this point let’s all assume she has a higher I.Q than the world gives her credit for.

melania-trumpShe’s got to be an emotionally strong and determined woman: Even the most talented teenage models don’t leave their country  in an attempt to carve out a name for themselves, moving to Milan first once she could legally make her own decisions, and then to the United States where she joined Trump Model Management.


She’s greedier than she seems. We wouldn’t expect the wife of the Trump family to pinch her purse, but starting from the $200, 000 bridal gown she wore (which is of course not the most expensive celebrity wedding dress, I’ll give you that) to the false claims on her website that she had a degree in Architectural Design, it is evident that she cares about her public image and social standing and suffers some amount of inferiority complex. Those claims were only recently taken down after 10 years.

Then & Now

She’s not easy to bully. People tend to think that once you have an accent that’s not British or ‘posh’, you can’t possibly be that smart. Melania could walk away from her marriage whenever she liked, as Donald’s two ex wives did, and not have to worry about money for the rest of her life. She does have a son and even in the slums that’s a meal ticket. She’s not walking away any time soon, though. She’ll be here for another four years. Well, not here in White House but in New York looming over the rest of the world as the mysterious First Lady she is. Melania putting her son’s desire to remain in the same school before her duties as FLOTUS is definitely unprecedented but that also shows you a side of her that is often overlooked. Not just her oh so disarming love for her son and the natural desire to protect his interests, but that she can’t be bullied when she really wants something.

Credits; Advertising Image by Michel Leroy 

The way I see it, Mrs. Trump enjoys being rich and revels in the lifestyle. I mean what else do you do after a couple billion dollars – ignoring the hiccups and bankruptcies – besides get bored and decide to run for president, right? It seems like the viable option, when you’re rich, famous and power hungry. It’s off to the next conquest, to squeeze my already notable family name into the history books. Trump and his wife really are compatible if you look closely. Not many relationships last this long (1999 till date), much less marriages. They have a formula that works wonderfully for them which must include Melania staring wildly in confusion and not uttering a word at his extracurricular activities – especially the pussy grabbing. Maybe that’s too pessimistic. Whatever the case it’s not the easiest thing to migrate to a foreign country at a young age and set up tent as First Lady some two decades later.

tumblr_inline_o3452lwFnm1tnzyj5_1280.jpgWhether or not you believe that Trump will ‘Make America Great Again’ or believe he is a glorified circus show host, carve an opinion of your own and don’t believe everything you see.

What do you think? Is Melania a gullible damsel in distress or a woman who knows exactly what she wants?

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