Spaccio Pasta; A Pasta Dealer in Rome

A #TTT Post (Tried, Tasted and True)


Some two years or so ago, during a friend’s trip to Rome from the U.S, I hopped tiredly around Rome looking for what most people outside Italy would think is the most common thing around here; A pasta house. Rare as a Milanese man walking around Napoli in an ‘Inter’ team jersey. Pizza places abound but restaurants that specifically serve every kind of pasta are, as opposed to what tourists imagine, not as ubiquitous.

lasagnamIn recent years, fast food places like Lasagnam popped up in Rome but Romans are not the biggest fans of fast food and honestly, when it comes to food we can easily make at home, who wants to eat leftover looking food from a foil plate on a high bench, and drink a can of coke for 2 euros. We’d rather spend a bit more for good service, and a homey feeling, and that’s what Spaccio Pasta offers. 

Based on a recommendation by a subscriber on my last Tried, Tasted and True blog post, I decided to give it a go. So John U. this one’s for u. (Pun intended).

IMG_1300Spaccio Pasta’s setting is somewhat like a real life Krusty Krab, with the white and grey lacquered wooden floorboards. The interior is not exactly what I expected from Trip Advisor photos. To be honest, I wasn’t fawning over it. The kitchen is at the entrance, with chefs and sous chefs of various nationalities; it looks rustic and simple until you look up at the scribbling on the ceiling and the little decor statements strewn about. A fancy chandelier, designated books and packs of sugar on a shelf, lamps attached to the walls and heavy cutlery that would make my fingers hurt from twisting my spaghetti.


Decor is important to me and whoever feng chewed this dining hall wasn’t sure if to make it a hamburger joint from Bikini Bottom or a classic Italian eatery. It did not impress me. But whatever, we are here for the food.



I order seafood spaghetti and a glass of vino secco while Dominique has the tagliata di pollo.  If you want affordable Italian pasta and a good place to chill before moving on to your daily adventures, Spaccio Pasta which translates to Pasta Dealer is a great place to dine. It’s just by the Porta San Giovanni and close to all the metro lines in the city. The food is simple and tasty, and although nothing beats home made pasta, this comes pretty darn close. Well, you try it and thank me later, or you take it up with John U., cause there’s nothing I can do. *Cheerios*





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Special thanks to Dominique Valmy






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